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[pencil + digital]

All of Us



Sketches of mini-people.



[ink + colored pencil]

Where’s Morgan?..



All over.

In the past week I’ve upended my apartment and moved to the next town over and (not so conincidentally) also where I work. I’m preparing to move again. This time across the country to California in order to be one step closer to my dream of living as a programmer + creative + freelance extraordinaire.

In the meantime, I’m working on revamping this blog. I would like for my entries to be more cohesive, great reads, and more than a glimpse into who I am as an artist, but rather who I am as a person.

At the moment, I’m working on several things to address this. The first of which is ORGANIZATION. The anxiety-laden feeling of being overwhelmed can only be cured by superb organization. Organizing my priorities is essential and this blog (which is something I’ve had more enjoyment working on in the past few months than anything else I can think of at the moment) should be at the top of the list.

Secondly, I enjoy this blog because I’m sharing what I love with others, and because doing this forces me to set aside more time to explore this thing that I love so much. An artist can only improve by drawing. I’ve been doing a lot of this lately, but there is oh so much more to come. I’m working on my very FIRST commission piece, creating new items for my Etsy shop, and of course doodling. Much more of my artwork will be front and center on this blog: the good, the bad, the experimental, and hopefully the amazing!

Is there anything you would like to see more of?

Besides me of course =) I’ll be back momentarily!

Until then. Carry on folks, carry on.


In My Ears:




Pirate in the Water

(Actually the entire Master of My Make Believe album is bananas, but this just happened to be my favorite of the bunch …pun intended)



New Sketch



why so serious


Long week.

And I haven’t sketched in awhile.

So I turned to drawing to lift my spirits.

I’ve wanted to draw The Joker (specifically, Heath Ledger as the The Joker) for a long time now and this was fun as my first attempt.



why so serious?

Inspiration: Kelly Smith



I’m obsessed with fashion illustrations and fashion illustrators. So they will likely be overrepresented when it comes to artists I admire (…fair warning…)

This week, her name is Kelly Smith and her work is unbelievably beautiful. There is something about the dichotomy of pencil and marker that, when done right, creates amazing illustrations.

This is a short post because I want to get back to looking at her work!

And, as always, here is the link to her site so you can do the same: Kelly Smith

KellySmith_LadyDuChat KellySmith1



Doodle, Doodle, Doodle, Doodle Rocking Everywhere



For a week, I have stuck with this daily doodle commitment and the project has shown that my mind is a dark, twisted place when left to its own devices. I’m happy about this! There’s a treasure cove of untapped creativity to discover and I’ve only explored the surface.

Here are two of my favorites from the week:

#5: Charlie Brown 2.o?


In doodle #4 I was all over the place, but started a pattern that led me to want to create more abstract, graphic prints. This was the natural product.


#6: Strange Panda


So the story about this is I recently watched Life of Pi and decided that doodle #6 would be inspired by a Bengal Tiger. They have a gorgeous coat and tons of interesting shapes to pull from and introduce into art. Once I finished, this doodle just felt empty and incomplete so I added a more intricate, close-knit pattern towards the bottom. It still didn’t feel right, but at this point I was done. It wasn’t until I snapped a picture and it loaded upside down that I realized that what I had drawn (although upside down) was a panda! And suddenly, I fell back in love with the doodle that I had become disheartened with.

Needless to say, the doodles will continue as will the series of more realistic drawings of celebrities and characters of interest. You will see some of these very soon =)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Inspiration: Alexander Jansson



I’m a fan of most things dark and foreboding. Illustrations that contain these attributes are typically more mysterious and unsettling. You find yourself gazing at them for a long time soaking in every aspect of the piece, every detail and movement as it all seems to have more meaning. There’s no denying that Alexander Jansson’s work is visually stunning. His illustrations are dark but there’s usually a twinkle of light somewhere in each piece. The landscapes are gorgeous and surreal. Simply inspirational.



alexander_jansson_seymour-morrison alexander_janssonpavor-nocturnus-III alexander_jansson_the-house-of

Personal Challenge



100 pages, 100 days, 100 doodles

100 pages, 100 days, 100 doodles.

Sounds simple, right?? We’ll see. I’m hoping to jumpstart some creativity and teach myself to be more comfortable making “mistakes” when drawing. If something doesn’t turn out the way you hoped you have to learn to work with that imperfection instead of always scrapping the drawing to begin anew.

These doodles will all be done in pen and every day until I run out of pages. Because I know you are so excited to see EVERY SINGLE SKETCH some sketches, I’ll share one occasionally so you can view the progress with your very eyes.


Doodle #1


In My Ears:




Never Heal Myself






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